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Banned 2 mirror client accounts *INFO*

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2 of my pure mirror client got banned today, sharing info on what I did so that other people can work around or whatever


both I botted lvl 3, no quest done = no ban
I quested both then continue botting = no ban
I switched tasked, 

account 1 I did : wcing/planking/hunter skills

accoutn 2 I did : wcing/fishing
account 2 I botted in f2p wcing for long hours

then I decided to do smithing on both of them, first day no ban.
2nd night (today) only account 2 was running on blast furnace.
woke up to it being banned

tried to log in account 1 and it was also banned

(Thinking my ip got flagged so I changed)

hope this helps anyone :)

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Cool. It's not client detection, but behavior detection. Lv 3 and you botted the most obvious skills a goldfarmer would do.

what do you suggest me doing differently?

I have 2 more mirror acc that's not banned.. yet




What's the point of quoting the same thing that's already been said? free post coutn pl0x? lol

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It's like posting something everyone already knows. Botting a level 3 at f2p woodcut will lead to being banned.


I did that but I didnt get banned until the 4th day, which was today.


Grind some skills by hand for few weeks. That's what I did. Btw the account is 1 year old too.


I see.. I was also using OSBUDDY as a rsclient to hook on.. idk if that changes anything

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