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interfaces interacting & nmz fightground

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Hi, im trying to make the bot press Accept in this interface:




        RS2InterfaceChild accept = interfaces.get(187).getChild(1);            
if (accept != null) {
                interfaces.interactWithChild(187, 1, "Continue");
                sleep(random(700, 1400));

it doesnt press continue on the accept button but when i drag my mouse over the accept button it presses accept i have no idea why it won't drag the mouse to the accept button


and i had another question how do i make my bot run in the middle of the fightground of nmz when i just enter? do i grab my position when i enter and make the bot run to that position but +10 to my current Y or X position or can it be done way simpler?


thanks for reading :)

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RS2Widget accept = getWidgets().get(187, 1, 9);
if(accept != null) {

To get to the middle of the instance, find the localX and localY coordinates of where you want to go.

With these you can create valid positions like so:

new Position(getMap().getBaseX() + localX, getMap().getBaseY() + localY, zCoord)
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