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65K/hour F2P

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Hey since osrs now has F2P I reckon this will help some people 



There are lots of items in RS that sell to the shop for way above the GE price (20-80GP+)


the problem is the shop drops its buy price depending how many of each item is in the shop 


so to get maximum profits selling to a shop it must not have any stock of the item you are selling in it.


Shops lower stock value by 1 every 60 seconds


if you sell 1 item every 60 seconds you can always sell for the maximum price




The following items make a good profit and have very high GE limits

  • Oak shortbow
  • Oak longbow
  • Willow shortbow
  • Willow longbow
  • Maple shortbow
  • Maple longbow
  • Gold ring
  • Gold amulet
  • Gold necklace 

There are a lot of others but I have forgot them


The following make a really good profit but have a buy limit of 125 (so cant be botted 24/7)

  • coif
  • Steel mace
  • steek med
  • steel battleaxe
  • steel warhammer


In p2p this method can make 200k+/hour if you use all the f2p items along with unf bows and some members bolts/arrows




sell 1 of each item every 60 seconds


27 Items with 40GP adverage profit per item (1 slot for cash stack)







I just ran it on Ghost control (basic macro) for a hour to test it and made a nice profit

buy the items at low end flip prices to maximize profit


some screenies of buying prices and stuff  



leave the offers in over night and alot of shit will buy 







then i sold the remaining stock for a nice flip








could easily be botted, 

and very easy to code... less than 5mins




Extra tip


flip some of these yokes


the make a massive profit56f462d47d.png



If you liked this guide and would like to see more like it, Tap that like button ->

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Thanks for the guide! Gonna need a few mil or so to run this method for a few hours.

its actually really cheap


it only uses 60 of each item to run for 1 hour

and most items are only like 50-100GP. 



so 1m would last well over 24 hours and make over 1m profit tongue.png

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It is just to bad that the F2P banrate is alot higher than P2P sad.png


i don't think the banrate would be too high on F2P seeing how u are just selling items, rather than spamming a skill or something of that nature.


Edit: In other regards, if anyone wants me to make an autohotkey script to do this, i can :)

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