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Ban evader report

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Guys im pretty certain i have found gebotter.... he got banned for threatening pain, and soon after he recovered my main, obviously because he was already banned on here and had nothing to lose, but it cost me close to $200 AUD, and this account was made 1 day after, and is already VIP, and is typing the exact same way as gebotter did, not only that, gebotter told me just before he deleted me off skype, that he was in hospital with a skull fracture (making out it was not him that recovered it, and saying he was not in a position to recover for me, as he is in recovery.. in hospital)

The first thing he said in this new account was something like " im in recovery so i have alot of time on my hands for services etc"

he is not too bright, i feel 100% this is him, he does have access to VPS and Proxies etc, so im hoping you will still be able to see its him.


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