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Oldschool bossing with magic?

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Is their any bosses that is possible to kill with 85+ magic only?


I was wondering about zulrah too. What are your opinions?


Also what about barrows? Is it possible to do barrows with mage only?


Yes. Zulrah.


mage is effective against 3 of the 4 phases (melee and ranged and jad), and it still hits on his mage phase. So yes, you can use a swamp trident and zulrah will be easy (takes a while to learn tho!)



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Got a list that id work with?

Not really because boss difficulty really changes depending on ur defence and CB lvl. But for ur barrows question. It IS POSSIBLE, but some of the bosses such as ahrims could take much longer to kill, causing more prayer to be drained from the tombs, lowering possible gains per trip.

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