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Ok so basically I made a new account yesterday to start botting on because I don't wanna bot on my main because it's worth too much to get banned. I bought members, went to catherby did some wc and some fishing and in less than 12 hours i've been banned. Is this normal? cos I've basically just threw £6 away :(

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I've had great success making new accounts within the last several months. Since I've started OSRS early 2014, I've never been banned. Granted, I never bot more than 4-5 hours a day and use breaks every 60 minutes, deviate roughly 20 and the breaks range from 2 mins to 30 mins..


Also, One of my friends makes new accounts and his get banned almost instantly from after he completes tut island so I would say he is flagged. But I never been banned, I have 1 main that I bot rarely, and about 5 low lvls that I use for random skilling.

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