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Jamez dispute

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Disputed Member: Jamez
Thread: I contacted Jamez via skype to create to accounts for me prior to his quiting of service.
We agreed on a set price of 16m per account for the follow stats. Here is a picture of the terms we agreed too.
Here is picture of me giving payment to Jamez
And him confirmin ghtat he accepted

Him know ignoring me for around 3 days along with no progress on accounts.
I would prefer to see this service completed, but will also take full refund of the 32m.

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He's a big ban evader , http://prntscr.com/6nla3u


His previous acc names : Rs man , nike9 ect ect


aswell as he broke 2 of my/global TOS so the order been canceled.


I'm going uni so i wont be on until later today.

We are fully aware that he's a ban evader and we're handeling his appeal, but that doesn't give anyone the right to scam him.


Can you please clarifiy which rules he has broken?

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  • Administrator

The user will have to refund or complete the service, the choice is his. The workers he had left him with orders he had to complete, he claims he did make progress on his own and wanted to catch you online so you didn't play "tag" with offline messages since he had explaining to do for the lack of progress since @Crippeh scammed and he had to do his orders etc.

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