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Scammed by lava for 30m

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I'm posting this on behalf of my irl friend (forum name: tiny mupet) who purchased a firecape service from this lava guy for 4.5m.



He logged on after the service was supposed to be done and found the account cleaned of everything. Had 30m on the account before it was hacked.







Bank after:*evidence hidden below due to usernames in plain sight*



Hope this guy get's banned before he can scam anyone else.

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clearly he isn't going to reply, two disputes in two days. He's a gone off with near 80m already mellow.png

- This thread was on behalf of me, ty hash1

Be that is it may we still need to wait the allotted time he has to respond before we can ban him.

It's very unfortunate he was able to scam like he has(I myself have lost around 100m rs07gp in 2014 alone so I know the feeling).

You're not alone; it's important to take this as a learning experience in order to prevent a similar scam from happening to you again.

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