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Do I really need this?

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So, I'll start.


LONG STORY (Scroll down for shorter)


A week ago I started this community and gave a try the bot.


I just had an old account (No email username, don't know how old as I just found an account leak) and started it off tutorial island. Got Legit 5/5/5 stats and transferred gear from my main account (8 year old, legit account), just steel,mith,adamant sets including axes and picks from the same materials.


I botted the account to 48/30/40 in a lapse of a few days(like 4), only did 3 hours~ max a day. went to duel arena and babysat often.


Then went on to get cash for duelling since I need to stake. Botted for 1-27 mining in a day and 27-41 in another day. No breaks no chatting at all. After I got the rune pick and went to clay mining I got banned after 2 hours.


Since I'm new and all... I'm not sure if my ip/computer is flagged.


Will I need to make a new account (on a VPN, not my legit ip and bot it there always) or buy one already created and bot on VPN.






Made an account. Traded with main few times. Both under same IP. Bot got banned.


Just want to bot on an account without having to worry about my main and since my bot got banned on the same IP as main... I worry that making a new account under same IP to bot on a VPN will mess me over.


I also read this.





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