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Renting my signature space.

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Hit me up on skype or PM me offers.

Why you should pay for my signature space:

- RoomScape

- Awesome user who makes the highest of quality posts resulting in many, many views.

- Always level headed.

- I'm active.

- I am better than mald.png .

- I have a signature

- I don't spam and post throughout the forums.

- People always look up to me and wait for me to come online to post.

- I'm black.

- RoomScape

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If you are serious, I am more than glad to add them to my siggy ?



I'm in lmao

He's obviously more interested in my signature than either of you noobs.

And I'm sure he's interested because of my first and last point.

When either of you get on my level then he may consider using you, but for now, gtfo my thread you filthy hijackers.

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