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Mister Slyther

Another question

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Ok so guys, in my other thread I mentioned that I played legitely for 24 days.


Now what im asking is, if i bot 4 hours a day and then for the rest of the day play legitely, does that give me the ability to unlikely be banned? 


When you bot, as everyone will tell you, you run the risk of being banned. However, playing legit and only botting 4 hours a day should be fairly low risk. Just dont play legit and bot at the same place, because this will allow Jagex to notice the differences in how you are doing something legit/when you are botting it for 4 hours. So basically if you bot woodcutting for example, dont train woodcutting legit. 


Other than that, only botting 4 hours a day and playing legit the rest of the time should be low risk.

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