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  1. noted, looking for more! thanks
  2. noted , thanks but stil looking for more
  3. hey guys, i decided to sell my 3 pure accounts, its all hand trained. · why do i sell this accounts: because i got very bored and im in progressing of makig a new pure. · why buy from me?: you will get all informations of the account, all the details will be handed to you upon bought · accounts are all hand trained never bottted! · now on to the pictures! 1. Pictures of the account stats: http://prntscr.com/70mn89 2. Pictures of the login details: http://prntscr.com/70mkl9 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any): http://prntscr.com/70mom6 4. Pictures of the quests completed: animal magnetism competed and all attack xp quests done. 5. The price you will be starting bids at: none atm 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account: 40m. 7. The methods of payment you are accepting: only osgp. 8. Your trading conditions: you go first or we will use a MM all fees,costs by me. 9. Account status: http://prntscr.com/70mpjy 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address: i am the original owner of the account and will provide you all the informations upon bought.
  4. still for sale., account has been not sold yet
  5. bid noted thanks, i have 15m bid offsite if the buyer is offline or i cant get him will look to sell it for you, also still for sale looking for 13-15m
  6. nvm sold account for 7m, offsite thanks for all the offers
  7. sorry looking for more good luck buying obby maulers for 1m.
  8. seriously?, only the wealth worth 900k so you want to buy the account for 100k nothank you you always lowballing.
  9. a/w lowered to 20m! need it go asap, have to train magic on my account!
  10. Your skills: 5def, 86 ranged, 44 prayer, 70hp Payment method: 10$pp and rest in rsgp Added me yet: yes
  11. ow much would you like to buy?: 10m, 2.2$/m Have you added me on skype?: adding right now
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