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119 CB Oldschool main with 138 CB on RS3 for sale!


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1. 9154d3d04e2060b1bd24331340e60b46.png



2. 08550ca9ec62bcdca5979f744d9afffa.png


3. b09800de76a241e8bac1cb3f2fa65b41.png  (ZULRAH PET IN INVIN)



4. 969f011c8ef330703daed6830fed4524.png

d0d08d22a96d544dbb01b77712c942a6.png(203 QUEST POINTS IN THE BOTTOM CORNER)


5. $100 starting bid.


6. No A/W.


7. Accepting Paypal only.


8. Middleman will be used if you are not well trusted unless you go first.  If vouched and trusted I go first.


9. 8286ca4170e89b5e7dea5eb9939fce61.png


10. I am the only owner and person to ever use this account.  I have the creation date in my notes on RS3.


Add my Skype if you're interested--- reeves522

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