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Quitting RS 2007/ giving away account/!


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So yeah, the time has come to start heading on in my real life and forget the RuneScape life which has bothered me quit often and have spent many days and many nights at it by wasting real life time :s. Gonna give away my main account on which I started playing OSRS. The next owner can do with it anything what he wants - bot him, play with im, get him banned, sell him, etc....

If youll need any details about the account (change something etc.) il help. And I guarantee I won't even bother recovering it. 



The Rules: Guess the sport I do in real life! The first who gets it right wins the account! 1 person can guess 1 time! ( if low activity il announce when more)




WINNER: GoldenGates!!!





p.s - sorry if in wrong section

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