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  • Mirror client version v1.03
  • Console output / terminal output N/A
  • Crash report if a crash occurred N/A
  • Script that you ran AutoFletcher Pro by Novak
  • Hooks that failed N/A
  • JVM/Browser bit version (32 / 64) Jagex Launcher


This happens A LOT when stringin' bows.



The bot is having a REALLY hard difficult time right-clicking and hitting the "Withdraw-14" button that is already there, it takes out 14 (u) bows, banks them, takes out 14 bs, banks them, takes out 14 of each, banks them all, takes out 14 of each, makes 14 bows and banks them. Then tries to take out another 14 and hits "Withdraw-X" instead a lot of the time and cant even type "14" when that window comes up, instead it either types just "1" or it hits deposit all again with an empty inventory and then types 14 in the chat instead.


Also, for some reason, it clicks northwest on the minimap every now and then. 


PS, jagex launcher crashes a lot, idk if it's the mirrorclients fault or not, this didnt happen when I used osbuddy client. The screen just goes all black and CPU usage skyrockets.

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