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Woodcutting Axe Enum [Snippet]

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package org.bjornkrols.woodcutting;

import org.osbot.rs07.api.ui.Skill;

import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script;


* @author Bjorn Krols (Botre)

* @version 0.1

* @since March 15, 2015


public enum Axe {

BRONZE(1, 1),

IRON(1, 1),

STEEL(6, 5),

BLACK(6, 10),

MITHRIL(21, 20),

ADAMANT(31, 30),

RUNE(41, 40),

DRAGON(61, 60);

private final String name;

private final int requiredWoodcuttingLevel;

private final int requiredAttacklevel;

private Axe(final int requiredWoodcuttingLevel, final int requiredAttacklevel) {

String temp = super.toString().toLowerCase().concat(" axe");

name = Character.toUpperCase(temp.charAt(0)) + temp.substring(1);

this.requiredWoodcuttingLevel = requiredWoodcuttingLevel;

this.requiredAttacklevel = requiredAttacklevel;


public String getName() {

return name;


public int getRequiredWoodcuttingLevel() {

return requiredWoodcuttingLevel;


public boolean canUse(Script script) {

return requiredWoodcuttingLevel <= script.getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.WOODCUTTING);


public int getRequiredAttackLevel() {

return requiredAttacklevel;


public boolean canWield(Script script) {

return requiredAttacklevel <= script.getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.ATTACK);



public String toString() {

return getName();



Edited by Botre
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I got them from another site and it seems like they haven't changed in ages so I think they are relatively safe to use. isAnimating() isn't specific enough for some of my need so... tongue.png

care to explain more.


Because i know for my plunder its enough. Since there is a underAttack(), all the other animation is him thieving.

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