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so i was banned while botting on my dads computer right?. different house and ip and everything right? however i have botted at my moms before, but since i was banned on my dads ip, would it be safe to bot at my moms?


It's Never Safe To Bot And Never Assume It Is


the question is have you ever had offences on your moms ip if no there your a lot safer BUT NEVER SAFE

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well i think like 2 years ago i had a minor bot ban, and a couple weeks ago i had another, but my last one was at my moms. i wanna keep botting but i dont wanna get banned and idk if my acc is flagged or if its ip


Honestly your best bet it to just use throw-away accs and bot those, this way its not just a big deal when it gets banned. I doubt 1 ban is gonna flag your IP though, I have had many (30+) f2p accs banned on this IP and still no flag ^^


Just don't bot accs you don't wanna lose, or be prepared to lose it for ever. Gambling isn't fun :s

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