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Ugh, thread layouts.

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As some of you may know, I'm the least skillful in thread layouts. It's always been my biggest challenge in GFX. Anyways, I've decided to create a new layout for my GFX thread:


Old layout:




New layout:




A few questions:

1) Which is better?

2) How can I improve the new layout?

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I prefer the 1st one, its very minimal and looks clean. The second one to me seems very bulky. I feel like more definition is to be made. Many good developed thread tutorials use depth of objects and text to the advantage. You can check out mine for an example at http://osbot.org/forum/topic/55594-bunkas-graphic-shop/

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I prefer the first one I must say, I like the crisp modern look


To improve the second one, i'd say just make it a bit more simple. Don't get me wrong here, i'm no GFX artist, but I just think its a little... 'busy'. Too much going on, too many different backgrounds, different fonts, segments, font sizes etc. I like the first one because its very uniform, stylish, crisp.


Nice work though, you make some nice designs :)

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I must say that I like the first one better. There's still a lot you can improve about the new one, I'm not saying it's bad but since that one is not minimalistic you can add more details and effects to it, but don't exaggerate with them. I'd also keep the textures subtle and and possibly play around with the overall shape of the layout.

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