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 @> Join ur neighborhood militia &blow shit up

#New World Order



Independance day? That's right. Today's the day I declare independance from my corrupt and shitty gov't. I'm travellign to another state to buy some fireworks cus theyre illegal in my state. Then im gonna' shoot them at the courthouse from behind this one building, then drive away. (Kinda' like a mortar strike ;D) 



INB4 CIA and FBI show up at my house.....

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Have fun... I guess.




Too extreme



This is what our country was foudned on though, standing up to our gov't and rebelling when we don't like the way they act. Don't like their tea taaxes? Sink their boat, Don't like their firework laws? Mortar strike them.


In all honesty im not really doign all that. I am smuggling back fireworks to my state tho. However, i think US gov't is more corrupt than a preacher that owns an ice cream truck....

Have fun. I also had to go to Pennsylvanian to buy and shoot off fireworks.

OMFG I gotta go too xD U coulda picked me up. U shooting urs off somewhere cool? 



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