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The part of him saying that only I had his account information is a complete lie. Why would he say when Nick attempted a firecape for him and failed at it? I've got screenies of all the conversations. I've got a screenie of him GIVING your friend MAX the information. I have screenies of MAX saying that you attempted the firecape and logged on the account. You literally just told a few lies in that post. Why don't you be truthful and give some VALID evidence on me hacking him? I'll provide the screenies of Max saying that you both logged on his account if you want.




I'll also provide screenies of him giving away his bank pin to Max, and 5 minutes later, Max says that the account is "Already Logged In". And when he tries to log in again, all his items are gone.


Also, I can provide more screenies of him even saying that there was not 20M WORTH OF SUPPLIES IN HIS INVENTORY WHEN HE LOGGED OUT. I did NOT have his bank pin. The only one with his bank pin was Max, and maybe you if Max gave it to you.

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never got his pin i asked for it to withdraw more pots just in case, but dont you think if max did this he would have PURCHASED sponsor..

why dont we settle this like men add me on skype

Why would purchasing sponsor be a way to avoid a scam report?

You're saying that if I were to hack somebody for 300M and all the evidence points towards me, I could just simply say that I bought sponsor so I won't be banned. That's not a valid excuse.

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It will be better if you guys talk this out on skype, through PM or through a private chat.

This thread will only grow to a big flame war, accusing each other of hacking or scamming.


And like I said before in the other thread, if you got any evidence about someone hacking, please send the evidence to me or , or make a thread in the dispute section.


Thread locked.

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