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Better Barrows -- The first (and only) dynamic Barrows map!

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Okay, so here's what I've been working on for the past day. It's not (yet) a fully automated Barrows script, but will be incorporated into the one I'm working on. I'm pretty sure it's unique as of posting biggrin.png


Also, I'd love feedback and bug reports so that I can clean it up. Also, if anyone wanted to offer better looking images for me to use, I'd be happy to use them. It should be 100% ban-free since it does not actually interact with the game, but is instead a client-side tool (for now) to help you speed up your barrows runs.


Starting the script

  • The map will not appear when you are not in the Barrows tunnels!
  • To use the script, simply run it and then click the lock icon on the upper-right corner of the client to allow user input. (do not pause the script, it will stop the script from actually doing anything and make it pretty useless)


Reading the Map


  • Better Barrows dynamically shows all viable paths (open-able doors) via red squares; "Long" tunnels are displayed outside the minimap at their halfway points, while "short" tunnels ride the boundary lines between rooms.
  • The room that the exit ladder is in is marked with the pre-EOC red exclamation ladder symbol.
  • The tunnel that leads to the chest room is marked with a large question mark.



Note: because of the way Runescape loads, you may have to move around a bit to get it to load the ladder and chest tunnel markers into their proper spots; however, as soon as these objects are within render distance it should correct itself.


Upcoming Features

  • Tunnel entrance (which tomb contains the entrances to catacombs) identification
  • Full tunnel navigation option Tunnel navigation works, but I  still have some optimization to do before it's ready
  • Killcount gathering









Edit: If there's anywhere else this sort of mapping script may be useful, let me know, as it would be very easy to convert this to any other location.




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I downloaded it, it looks really good from what I have seen in your post.



I appreciate the kind words but it's probably broken as I haven't updated it for about 10 osbot patches now due to not having an account to test it with currently. I'm working on another main now, though, so I should be able to update it in a month or less.

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