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Hi, my name is Marcus. As most of you can tell I've been with OSBot for a while but I went MIA when OSBot hit it's peak times due to a serious matter. I ended up becoming a father so I had to straighten my life out. Now everything is going smoothly I am here to formally introduce myself and become active again. I am currently entering my junior year of highschool, I have an athletic scholarship to a college I am really checking in to and I present myself as a successful programmer with a broad experience in different languages, not just the commonly known java. I have played RuneScape since RS2 Beta and I play/owned RSPS, a few that I have owned hit 300+ players. Me and a mate decided to purchase a banner here (it is above named Atiloc) for my upcoming RSPS. But yeh, that is a pretty good description of me, hope to meet some of you guys and chit-chat my ass off.

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Just by your signature I can tell you've been around for quite awhile. It is good to see you again, and I wish you the best luck during parent-hood.


Take care, and if you need anything let me know. smile.png


Thanks. Fixed some grammar errors I had in there.

Welcome back to OSBot mate. 

Thanks Ely. I sure do remember you, lol. Didn't you previously have a pink rank of your own?

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Didn't you have vet? 


Welcome back. laugh.png

Yes, lost it due to inactivity. I'll have it back soon. :) Thanks.


Welcome back. happy.png


Thanks. ;)

Woop woop, another young father!


Glad everything's going smoothly, it's a huge transition. ain't it?!

Sucks, ikr. And yeh, its pretty big. I used to know everyone that posted. Now, I don't lol. Some faces are familiar, others aren't.

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