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BETA v1.1.3

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Update log:


  • Improved security for server and client authentication
  • Fixed username bugs with spaces for server and client authentication
  • Changed server and client authentication to use LOGIN name instead of DISPLAY name
  • Solved issue with low FPS. FPS now caps on 50 as normal
  • Issues with high CPU and memory have been resolved partially, we profiled the client and it's now mainly the runescape client itself. It could be that your process displays more than 250mb - 300mb, but that's the allocated space by the JVM which we will add a manifest for in the future in the jar to make the JVM allocate just what it needs. As for the CPU, there will be coming more optimizations in the near future, but it should already run noticeably lower.


Make sure you clear your browsers cache if the download on the main page gives you the same jar you already had. We will make sure that we change the way your browser cache it in the future.


Stay tuned for the next update,



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