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The lazy pure returns

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Currently doing this "Peta Hunter" Script (better than AIO hunter tbh way faster)

4/28: Almost to my next goal of 90Hunter Will be there later today

post-97098-0-45307300-1398703018_thumb.png Going for a 24hr proggy lol. Then off to 99 Hunter some time next week $$ unless I get the blast furnace script for $$x2. (Heard it makes 250-500k+ profit per hour)



Im back to runescape after getting hacked 3months into OSRS(2007scape). Lost bank and all my goodies so Im starting fresh thanks to a few donations to get me going. I've been using a few bots to get my stats up. Aswell as reluctantly doing a few quests. Ill post a few pics of proggies and stats i've gotten the past week and change i've been playing.


Short Term Goals:


*90Range* (currently working on this)





*90Hunter* (currently working on this)


Robin Hood Hat

Fury Amy

Dark Bow

Archers Ring

Karils Cbow

Red/Black Chins


Long term Goals:











Ranger Boots

Armadyl Crossbow

10m+Cash stack

~More to come



*********** UPDATED ***********

~~~April 18, 2014






*50 Magic* (short-term goal met)




*43Prayer* (short-term goal met)

*80 Hunter*



1.5m Cash

Unholy Book

Avas Accumulator


4/14: Going to start training ranged at experiments hopefully with a script. Im also hoping I do not get banned.

~got to 75range 65hp

4/15: Started training hunter, got from 28-43 so far. Going to have 53 in a few hours and get grey chins. Then going to use all chins for range training. Purchased "Auto Hunter Pro" Script . $$ Here I come, I hope It was a good investment. Seems good so far.


Accepting all donations in game and via paypal for members and gold/items.

PM me to donate in game or via paypal gift smile.png

Needed Sharks, Arrows, Knives, Chins, Pots, Gp, Any items tbh help the lazy pure get these gains QwPha8E.png

~was foolishly and wastefully training with rune arrows I thought it was faster, now using steel/iron knives. (wasted about 250k+ sad.png


SUPPORTERS: (I have 12.3k+ followers on IG will shout out all donators and supporters)




Will be updating this post every so often.


4/14: Just started a little test, going to see how much exp I get before I start frankenstein's quest to kill experiments.

4/15: Got to 53 Hunter, going for 63 tomorrow morning to start getting chins to train my range.

4/16: Got to 63 Hunter early this afternoon, going for 75 then will train my range with the chins i've got. Then going to get to 85 hunter.


4/17: Got to 76Hunter. Decided to continue to 83, then getting 5xmage and buying puropuro script after some questing. Heard that yields 300k-1.5mHr. Definitely worth the $15 .

4/18: Got to 80Hunter. 50Mage not sure if im going to buy the puro puro script right now. Decided to make a mule account incase I get banned. That account will start off as a skiller. Making it later today or tomorrow. Will be dropping off all valuable stuff every overnight mostlikely.


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