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Need help LoL

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Start off with all abilities smartcasted & don't use camera lock...that's my advice (plat II player) lucian+graves are free this week(marksmen) and marksmen are the easiest to learn how to play league with imo

Just try to farm and take objectives, farm>kills

if you're just going to play casually and only play normals just play master yi and u will just rape everyone because they are low level and don't know how to do anything against a yi

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Ryze. Just go into your keybindings, and change all of your abilities to be smart casted. This makes it so you don't have to click to activate your ability.


Ryze is very strong right now.


You essentially just buy mana items, and literally all you have to do is just slam your hands on QWER really fast randomly to play him.


For "build guides" go here:



This website essentially shows you some of the top 100 players, and what they do when they play a character. It takes real games, and you can see what decisions they made as far as when they decided to level up an ability, and what items they got in what order.


To save yourself the headache of looking at what ability they leveled up each level, most of them will simply level up an ability as fast as they can first, second, and third.


Just look for that instead of what they chose at each level it'll save you some looking back.


You can also make an item set so you won't have to re-check for what items they got. That's done on your summoner profile, by clicking the profile button at the top right of the client [looks like a chess piece guy thing], and clicking item sets.


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