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Expand OSBot --> OSBot 2 + RS3Bot = OSBot 3?

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I need your guys suggestion. I know you guys are going to give excuses not to create, because of the lack of updates to OSBot 2 or hate generally RS, but please know that not everyone hate RS3. I myself do not even play RuneScape, but only try to make OSBot last longer.


If we had RS3 Bot option build-in into OSBot 2 client so when you start up the client you can choose option which bot do you wanna use ''RuneScape 2007'' or ''RuneScape 3'' which gives variety of players to choose for. Not only will it make more players join to OSBot but it will make OSBot last longer.


I don't remember if @Maxi,@Zach or @Laz was, but if i remember correctly they already suggested/asked in some thread if RS3 bot would be implemented, but don't quote me on this.


I know guys you will say, ''No, it will slow down the updates of OSBot 2.''. You and I can't answer that only developers as they are the ones who are developing.


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rs3 ban rates aren't too high, it's scripts that are bad and the only rs3 bot out is bad

"Only"? There are 4 bots out that work like they are supposed to work. You forgot to Jagex will always be one step aheadThey can detect anything they want to, they can check anything they want to. They have the ability to shutdown all the bots, but they don't. 

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