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People who don't know crap about computers buy AMD, "BECUZ IT'S CHEAPER AND THE SAME OR BETTER SPECS"


Then they wonder why do they get 30 fps, while I get constant 60.


Not that AMDs are bad. Intels are just better.


And that's not an opinion, that's a fact.



 get over 120 fps on farcry 3 max graphics gpu is xfx 2gb 16gb ram amd fx 8350

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i am sure you were hopping for a shit storm starting this thread since i see you troll quite regularly.

Intel is generally better then AMD but AMD and Intel both have there strong points, not sure why people have to compare all the time, maybe you have had a bad experience with AMD perhaps the same with Intel ,don't quite understand why people have to ride the dick of the product they like more......

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