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Hello everyone,


We are proud to announce that BETA v1.7.1 has been released!


Today when I got online RS just updated and we managed to update the bot within no time. There were 2 broken hooks of the 200 we have, these were patched up shortly after.


Two days ago we decided to do some research to find a reason as to why there has been a higher ban rate recently which affected several bots. We have made OSBot less detectable. 


Another interesting not is that we have separated some of OSBot's dependencies from the jar. The client will now download some of its dependencies on startup if they have not been downloading before. This reduced the size of the jar from 14MB to 5MB. Also, the client will now for everyone to run Java 7 to prevent the countless help posts about this.


With this version we introduce the usage of a color picker and access to the colors of the canvas in case you need it in specific cases. This can be found in the Client class.


Furthermore, world hopping has been added and is very easy to use in your script:


To continue with awesome features, OSBot now support breaking and is completely handled for you and it's written as a RandomEventSolver to give you easy control over the mechanism from your script if the bot is not ready to break, for example if it's still fighting.






And then we also added a fully fledged config debugger to make config debugging as user friendly as it can get:




For randoms, due to the recent events of the last couple of days, most work on finishing up the last bits to make them 100% altogether has been delayed slightly. However the following randoms have been updated and have been verified to work:


  • Frog Queen (outside cave)
  • Maze (broke after the update, it has been programmed more securely to survive future RS updates)

The issue with the order where random event solver were evaluated in is fixed now.


Besides all the aforementioned updates, there have been many more updates that I currently can't think of. Expect us to work on randoms in the coming days to make sure every last one of them works as we expect them to work.


Thanks for reading,





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