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probably one of your extensions on google chrome is doing it disable them and see if thats the problem.


Yeh fixed thnx :)

This, check your extensions + installed programs.

yeh had some things there that i disabled now its okey :)


Should be on your side.. not sure what though.. 

Try another browser and see if they still pops up?

i try firefox its not pop up but now fixed on chrome thnx anyway :)

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Im getting excatly same kind of ads + pop ups opens randomly when pressing some links inside osbot forum, when im using my laptop.

None of my extensions which im using should not do this.. (used them before even had this problem) 


As I stated before, you should also check out all the programs you have downloaded, because there could be one that does this to your browser

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The best thing to do is go into control panel, uninstall a program, and just uninstall all the random shit you aren't using.

Well, glad you were able to fix it smile.png

well the thing is i got new computer like week and i install only that things i need.

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