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Hello everyone,


We are glad to announce the release of BETA v1.6.4. We have had to spend a lot of time regarding the SDN, but also focused a lot on internal mechanics as well as randoms. We believe that his version contains some major improvements compared to 1.6.3.


Internal work:

  • Multiple bot tabs will no longer cause an exponential increase of cpu. We never experienced this problem as we never ran more than 2 tabs, but was caused by using a static concurrent collection to our wrapped bot references. We have now distributed this for each tab instance.
  • A bug with walking has been resolved, we will need community reference if this fixed all issues regarding walking though.
  • A world selection utility has been added. You can pick a fix world to load as well.
  • Little fix to an unmentioned bug with account management but nonetheless good to have.
  • Instances where there are two npc's on the same spot should not cause interaction issues any longer.
  • The delay for mouse clicking has been slightly increased.
  • More that I can't think of right now.

Anti random work:

  • Bee Hives anti random was added, big thanks to TheAnswer!
  • Evil Bob anti random was added, test once and verified to be working.
  • Work on the Surprise Exam has been done, but we will need more accounts to get each and every puzzle working a 100% although it should solve a large majority of cases now.
  • Molly has some fixes applied to it and was tested and verified to be working 5 times today.
  • Maze random event has some fixes applied to it and was tested and verified to be working 5 times today.
  • A minor change to the pinball random event.
  • Strange plant does work now, however not entirely as it's supposed to work. Further work will be done on this in the coming days.
  • Frog Queen (outside cave) has received a tiny change, however remained untested as I didn't manage to get the random after spinning 3k flax.
  • Frog Cave was confirmed to be working today, so if people still encounter a broken instance I'd like to hear very much so.

We are STILL looking for accounts in randoms! Freaky Forester, Surprise Exam and any other ones that break for you. Please send me a PM, in the long run it will benefit everyone as we will be able to bot longer without getting stuck in randoms.


Furthermore like I mentioned we have been busy with the SDN. Setting people up with the SDN proved to take some time, as people need guidance most of the time even though there is a guide written for it. We hope to be spending more time on adding scripts to the SDN in the coming days. We are heading in to the right direction, with patience and determination one can get far along a road.


We are glad to announce that the first premium script has been released on the SDN! The AutoHunterPro from Xerion works flawless and has gotten me up to 85 hunter within a couple of days time.


Download can be found here: http://osbot.org


Stay tuned for more!






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