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FREE Aio fighter


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Hello everyone.
I'm currently making an AIO fighter script, or in fact I was, before my membership ran out. My supplier (my kind mate) stopped providing me P2Ps for various reasons.
My goal is to give you guys a SDN AIO fighter for free. (Which will be premium if it some day becomes flawless which i highly doubt biggrin.png)
So I'm asking for an account/membership so I can develop and debug the script.
Why am i doing this? Well simply because I want to learn. I will be studying programming for the next 3.5 years and everything related to it will be good++. Especially java.
My progression can be found in attached files.
Will be adding: 
  • P2P support
  • Tele support
  • Some fancy shit I can't recall atm
  • Please note that the xp/h is only an attack xp as im using a shared attack style wink.png
  • I haven't put any effort to the paint (yet) so don't mock me about it.
  • I want the script to be implemented in SDN in future and I'm not willing to share the sources.
  • Its my first script so be gentle with me.




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