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Bot Won't Load


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Ok, so I just downloaded the bot and when I open it I sign in with my correct forums info and then I click the + button, but nothing opens or anything.

In the log box it just says this,

[iNFO ][01/01/14 11:24:18 AM]: Connecting to remote server...
[iNFO ][01/01/14 11:24:18 AM]: Connected to remote server!
[iNFO ][01/01/14 11:24:19 AM]: Signed in as : Noltzzz
[iNFO ][01/01/14 11:24:19 AM]: Loading remote scripts...
I've been trying to use this bot the past 2 days, and yes I have deleted all existing files of it and tried redownloading and yes my Java is up to date.

So if anybody knows a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it!

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