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Bromeedly's Bird Catcher!


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AIO Bird Catcher

Version 2.01


UPDATED: 12/21/2013 at 1:15 central

Who am I?:

Hello! I'm a new scripter called Bromeedly (Bro-meedly). I recently graduated college with a programming degree. After coming back to my beloved Oldschool Runescape, I decided that I would finally help out with scripts . I've written a few local scripts here and there to learn how to code with OS bot (I am working on a rooftop agility course but only have seers down, and I have completed an experiment bot). I don't know the official rules or regulations it takes to write code for here, but I decided to start writing a bird catcher for the hunter skill. That way, one can get from 1 - 27 hunter with only moving to the correct bird areas!



-Crimson Swifts

-Golden Warblers

-Copper Longtails

-Cerulean Twitch

-Tropical Wagtails


-Custom Antiban


Update Log:

-Added Paint

-Added a Gui with the option to drop or bury the bones

-Supports 2 (at least) bird snares based off hunter level


Known Bugs:

"Submit button doesn't work" - It worked for me when I redownloaded the script and worked for my two friends who used this download link. If anyone else is experiencing the bug, please message me and we can discuss it.


Currently Working on:

- 6 Hour proggy



This should be completed now! If there are any problems, please P.M. me!




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Won't let me start the bot, i keep clicking the "Submit" button but it won't exit the GUI...


Sorry about that. I don't know why that happened to you. I just deleted the file and added the new file. Then I deleted my Jar in my scripts folder and downloaded the new one from the link. It's working for me. I hope it works for you! 

Here is a 1 hour proggy at CopperLongtails... My electricity went out at the 3 hour mark and I couldn't get a screen shot before then except at this mark sad.png



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Will get you a 6 hour proggy tomorrow when I move my computer to a better wifi spot. For some reason when i start my OSbot here and leave for more than 20 minutes it just completely closes. But if I sit at my computer constantly it stays logged in and running great. Im guessing it had to do with computer sleep mode. (Bromeedly text me tomorrow and remind me to start this sometime in the morning.)

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