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rebuild, how, or fk off.


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well yesterday my main, combat 96 got banned, first ban and it got perm ban.

today an account i bought months ago, 60 atk 87 str, combat 67, got locked, i tried to recover it, giving all the info, i putt jag yesterday, and i putt all the info, first pass, second, location, etc, and they keep sending me email "you appeal got denied".

so right now, today i have been lpaying a fk shooter game, because i have nothing to do, i feel sad and mad, the cunt owner of the account tried to recover the account and failed cuz of jad answers, but now that i have that, i can't recover just because they check the country where it got created, and my country.

so i can't play.

i got nothing to do.

no money to re-build.

i should try anyway to re-build? or fk off runescape?

i  play rs since im 8 years old, i quited on eoc, and now i love 07 but i can't play it right now... i don't know what to do :(

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