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5$ Voucher OSBOT [Announcing Winner today]


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Hello ,

I will do small give away of a 5$ Voucher for you to buy some scripts from the store.

Okay all you have to do is pick up a number between 1 - 100
At 1 November I will use random.org and post the result

The most close one to the number will win a voucher
(Will appreciate it if you could also like my topic & share it with more people) **option**

Proof that I'm not bullshitting and wasting your time:



Rules :

*You have to be at least 7 days old account (To prevent people from joining the give away more than one time with new accounts).
*If there is less than 5 people who take a part of this give away, it will be canceled.

Join form 

Number ( 1 - 100 ) :
Email :

Happy Halloween!2cy1kt4.png


Winner : (We have two close numbers) ~


This two members have to pick another number between 1 and 10.

Rules :

*If one does pick a number but the other does not pick one until 2:00 PM GMT+2 , The one that did pick a number will win the give away. (If both did not pick a number until then the give away will be delayed to tomorrow 2:00 PM GMT+2)
*The two members has either to pick a number that is higher than 5 ( 6 - 10) or lower than 5 ( 1 - 5) and this is to avoid doing the process we are doing now once again.

Best luck for both of you guys (iMute & Exenas)

We have a winner , the winner is Exenas
Please PM me your email.
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You can't ask feedback for a give away.

But it is only for the winner not for every :/
Feedback is when a transaction took place. The Feedback system is not a joke, there's no trust involved here neither is it a transaction.

I will take it down.

Thank you very much. Goodluck to all participants.

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