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well i call my botting account my mule, so maybe i should have re-worded that. But yea ive stoked out a good place and world for chopping yews and gonna be at treegnome so i feel like ill be able to make the 3 day proggie =]  only doing this cause i dont have cash to buy membership again ( ik its not much but im broke ) 

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WOW! i wish i could! =p whats ur wc?? in the last 3 weeks ive gone from 60-91 wc =]  around 87 wc i got a 2day ban =/ but man i just thought of something i prolly wont be able to get a 3 day proggie, the lagg just logged me out and i paused and logged in so i wouldnt have to start over but if that happens when im asleep the proggie will be messed up =/

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mate, if you do yews, don't do it at the most populair place there is...


Yea lol i found that out, anyways the script i was using is going outdated, just found another one and wow, it blows my mind i was even using my last one, the paint sucked, broked my axes, wouldnt fix em, didnt pick up birds nest... would chase trees around for hours not chopping them.... -.- BUT this script im using now picks up nests, its in a location where noone hardly goes and ive watched it run from a ENT! im pretty happy about this one, i just hate how i wasted like 3 weeks using the other one =/

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1-89 wc in 1 week. Bot 24/7 for 8 days at seers: bitch plz get on my level



^^ thats amazing, surprised no ban =o  i got a stupid bot busting ban =/ but i was at catherby, which is like worst spot to bot yews atm lol changed the script i was using and went to gnome stronghold and im 8k yew logs deep, so far so good! 

but with the last script i was using its no wonder i got a bot busting ban. that script sucked badly. didnt pick birds nest, broke axes on every ENT then would run around tryin to chop yews for hours...

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