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Chatbox down? SOLUTION HERE


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Hello guys. I've noticed how many people are sad due the fact that the Chatbox has been down for a couple of days.

I'd advise you to visit http://tinychat.com/cortanaosbot

and have fun over there with us, just put yourself as a guest and type in your OSBot username. 

No password(s) required and it's easy! You can even webcam or talk on mic.
It even has an auto spam system in there.

More importantly : I'll be there too! What are you waiting for? Let's give it a try!





NOTE : Rules that are enforced on our normal Chatbox are also enforced on the Tinychat.


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fuck skype, seriously i hate it

my computer 10* lags with it open fucking hate it

Your computer must suck then lol.

Almost all of us have skype and it would be easy just to add a bunch of people in the chat. Instead of having like 5 differnt chats that other people have set up.

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