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Runescape glitch


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Found a glitch in runescape can't really abuse it but it will help you out a bit.


Requirement need two accounts that have completed tears of guthix and have not done mini game for the week.


So player 1 (prefer the one with less quest points) stands just in front of tears of guthix mini game facing the snake. Player 2 (prefer one with more quest points) enters tears of guthix mini game. Player 2 collect tears like normal and etc. Once player 2 exits the mini game he will be standing on player 1, and both players will get the exp that player 2 collected from tears. Note player 1 will not be able to enter mini game after this is done this will use up his once a week quota. Hope this helps you can get a bit more exp if you have a buddy with a lot more quest points do the mini game.

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