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I'd just like to warn everyone here that has a vps from logicalbotting. I logged on this morning to 2 out of 3 accounts running on there being whiped completely clean. I got suspicous when I found out the server was OFFLINE. So I went and log in on all my accounts, now at the time of his hackings one of my accounts was on a break. Luckily there was still some unid ranars on there so I could sell those for some cash, but other then that he whiped my accounts completely clean for over 10M worth.


Thanks for reading and I hope you're warned.


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A little tip.




Affiliated with runescape?


That has anything to do with Runescape. Like let's say a Runescape VPS website. Stay away from it. Find a better VPS that has nothing to do with RS.



@LogicalBotter He was selling a VPS on OSBot. He's banned now.

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