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My Gaming Setup (a real one, lols @ the troll post)


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not bad at all.


i'd rather a desktop instead of a laptop doe.

with the 3 monitor setup.

4 screening on a laptop is definitely a challenge for the laptop but it seems to be hanging in there. I'm upgrading to the most powerful Mac desktop on the market soon I'm gonna milk the **** out of it and start my life savings off of computer work haha

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Not sure if your room is actually a g4y club or an actual room

Forgot to mention it's a high end light machine that has more than 30 other color possibilities and ability to control speed of the movements & has sound reaction from my computer. If you actually had a life and had girls coming over at your place you would know that chicks love that stuff, not getting into details because your choice of jokes make it seem like your underaged. Waiting to come out the closet and hating on your own kind or something? I don't see why you have to flame homosexuals over a few colors. I remember when I was 12 rofl

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