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BETA v1.4.1


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Finally our entire development team finished developing v1.4.x.


With this release includes a major ton of bugfixes including but not limited to:

  • Misclickings (bot is extremely accurate now)
  • Walking (bot's pathfinder is noticeable smarter and more efficient than it's predecessor)
  • Camera rotation (bot can now predict pitch and yaw accurately)
  • Start/pause (bot pausing and resuming works again.)
  • Target area debugging (any clickable area that the bot tries to interact with will be highlighted in a debug.)
  • Performance and memory usage enhancements. (For optimal results with memory, I recommend creating a batch/sh file with the following JVM option "-XX:NewRatio=8".)
  • Interactions are now extremely quick and accurate while maintaining a human feel.
  • New and improved mouse algorthim (Movements are now much more human-like.)
  • Areas are fixed.
  • Fixed bank withdrawing
  • Path support for the walking method
  • Enhanced pathfinder, accurater paths and also allow for accurate paths next to entities
  • New onPlayerMessage(username, message) method to handle messages from players
  • Position walk interaction
  • isVisible methods for all entities and position
  • Fixed login random solver.
  • and a lot more! Check it out yourself!

The download can be found on the homepage at http://osbot.org

Refresh with CTRL if you're still seeing an older version that's not v1.4.1!


OSBot v1.2.2, and v1.3.4 still work at the moment.





Laz and the OSBot Team.

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