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1st Suggestion also with Script Queues, when you add a new script in the queue, it would be amazing to have a "Run until" perimeter, for  "Level Achieved" (Currently its just until "Script stop" or "Time Between" a certain amount of minutes), if you have a level achieved parameter, where you select the skill, and desired level ex. "Woodcutting 25" you can practically make any script a progressive script.


2nd Suggestion In the "Script Queues" tab, where there's "Load queue", "Save queue", it would be nice to have a "New queue", so after you made/edit a queue, you can reset it to blank to work on a new one (Currently you have to close the program and open it back up) 


3rd Suggestion in "Accounts" when in "Group Actions" and selecting a group to perform an action to (start, stop set proxy, etc) it would be great to choose multiple groups at once!


4/5th Suggestion, the ability to rename a schedule, and to randomize the tasks by maybe 30 minutes instead of 15?


The first suggestion is my main one and the only real one I care about it definitely would be a selling point, and make the capability of this manager be through the roof (its already amazing), the other suggestions are just little quality of life updates if possible, but honestly I wanted to say thank you SO much for releasing this. It's an amazing product and way MORE than worth it. Amazingly built I haven't dealt with ANY flaws. It's honestly perfect :)

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One more GREAT thing that could be added that would hugely benefit botters is, in the Script Queue tab, adding an option for it to be a "Random" queue, so if this option is checked when making a queue, it will instead of going in order, it will do a random tasks from the queue.

So for example, a queue with woodcutting, fishing, and mining, instead of doing them in order that way, when "Random" is checked, it will choose a random one of those 3 to skill

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One more amazing feature would be being able to add Tasks and Queues inside of other Queues

Tasks would be cool because thats preset Scripts + CLI's you already made (would make making queues faster, and easier)

 And being able to add a Queue inside another Queue would be super powerful, you'd be able to make a progressive WC Queue, and put that in another Queue you have for leveling. So instead of making multiple queues and running each one based on the level etc... You'd have one GIANT Queue which could level your account up in a bunch of ways. Or different money making methods, meaning youd be less likely to be caught, instead of doing each one, ETC

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