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Fixing Bot Manager not loading on Linux

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- Run OSBot in terminal (open terminal in folder -> java -jar OSBot.jar (or whatever your OSB is called) ) -> Click Bot Manager

It will most likely produce an error 

/bin/sh: 1: /home/buttons/OSBot/Local/jre/bin/java: not found

- Download JRE 1.8 from java.com (https://www.java.com/en/download/)

- I learned via discord that the manager actually uses Java 11 (https://www.oracle.com/ca-en/java/technologies/downloads/#java11)
- Extract contents of the files into the directory that our terminal gave us an error at

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hey everyone i wanna ask what happen to osbot now i was inactive from last two three months and today i open osbot and login my accounts they are baned but problem is i create new accounts but osbot says incorrect password but saw a topic there someone says i have to buy bot mannager now my question is 


1.  is i have to buy bot mannager and vip membership togather or if i bought vip membership i will get bot mannager?

2. is i have to login everytime when i open os bot or it will save my logins?

3.  2 or 3 month ago i can run 2 account on osbot whitout membership but now if i patch runlite and run through jagex launch then i can run only one account why?


can you help me in these issues please  🙏 ?

i will b thank full for that


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