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Automating the Launch of OSBot Clients at Large Scale with Jagex Launcher / Accounts


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I'm a bit confused on how large bot farms are supposed to handle launching clients now that new accounts are bound to logging in through the Jagex launcher. Are we supposed to devise our own program which automates interacting with their launcher to get OSBot open, fetching the right email verification code, then automate a way to start the correct OSBot script? It looks like launching clients en masse with their corresponding login info and script through the CLI / Java / a bot manager is completely out the window.


Are there tools readily available that make these things a non issue? Or is everybody just silently beginning to code these things up?

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10 hours ago, Patrick said:

Jagex accounts via manager are currently in BETA. You need to fill in the verification code once and then refresh tokens will be used (if they are available) for as long as they are valid.



I appreciate your response. Has it been decided if that functionality will be brought to the CLI at some point?

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