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cant seem to get schedule to launch when it hits scheduled times


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  • What version of OSBot do you use?


  • What JAVA version do you use?

jdk 8

  • Which plan do you use? VIP/Monthly/Lifetime


  • Are you launching trough CLI or GUI?


  • Can you send a screenshot of the menu you are having issues in and the logger output whenever possible. (Cover your credentials)

not sure how to open logger and i can send a screenshot if necessary

  • Describe the issue

status staying at passive even after my pc clock has passed the schedule time bot never launches

  • What are the steps - and in what order - to replicate the issue? (Adding account -> adding proxy etc)

I created a new schedule  for the same day and added a task to the scheduled time then added that schedule to a bot and started it a few hours before the schedule time. once the time passed the status would just stay at passive and the bot wont ever launch

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