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[Stable] OSBot 2.6.46

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I'm getting same as user above reported. 


[DEBUG][Bot #1][04/22 06:01:38 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot...
[INFO][04/22 06:01:38 PM]: Started bot #1
[ERROR][Bot #1][04/22 06:01:45 PM]: hmrapi
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find field in the class
	at client.nat.stream.Stream.m11(Native Method)
	at client.hyI.dxw(Unknown Source)
	at client.emu.gvXD.run(Unknown Source)
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2 hours ago, Kingsman said:

just be patient guys, this happens from time to time after a system update. the dev team is probably already working on it.



I mean I am. At no point did I state they need to be faster. I was just providing them the information necessary from logs etc since the previous poster didn't. I thought the whole point is we are supposed to report when bugs happen and make devs lives easier, not just sit on our hands and wait? 🤔

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