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Is starting a designated suicide bot 2-3 hours before the end of the Jagex workday on a Friday still a thing?

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IIRC, suicide bots don't get banned until Monday morning... or at least that used to be the case. Is this still a thing, or has automation taken over? If it's still doable, what's a generally workable schedule window to run these bots within?

Thanks, all! I know most of you are probably "smart botters", but I know there's got to be some that still use grandpa's old suicide bot method from the 2006 golden days!

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1 hour ago, skillerkidos1 said:

I would bet some of it is automated

That's my thought too, but... you'd think, since they're Jagex, they know as well as we do that it's possible their spaghetti code could accidentally ban the entire userbase automatically, so they avoid using such systems if they can avoid it. That's literally the only reason I doubt they actually have automated bans. They're also cheap, so the 19 year old intern they have on staff to ban accounts probably isn't going to put in any weekend hours, either.

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