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Mirror mode - goes black screen after loading hooks.

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my screen goes black after loading hooks but it was fine yesterday? is this happening to everyone or.......


[INFO][07/20 07:18:14 PM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.6.28!
[INFO][07/20 07:18:15 PM]: Loaded 2 RS accounts!
[INFO][07/20 07:18:16 PM]: Script list refreshed and loaded 22 scripts.
[INFO][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 197!
[DEBUG][Bot #1][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot...
[INFO][07/20 07:18:25 PM]: Started bot #1
[INFO][Bot #1][07/20 07:18:53 PM]: Initializing 39 API modules...

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Which client are you using? Are you using the official osrs client?

Try deleting OsBot from C:\Users\"Your User" as well as anything jagex related, restart your pc and try loding mirror again.

Make sure you run the official runescape client and allow it to load completely before attempting to open a mirror client as well.

Let us know if this helps or if you require further assistance

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