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  • Supports every general store of f2p worlds
  • Supports World hopping to avoid empty stocks
  • Supports buy until have a stock of a defined value
  • Supports pack opening for Empty jug pack and Empty bucket pack
  • CLI is supported for starting instances via terminal
  • Supports buying multiple items at the same time

Supported items:

  • (0) Pot
  • (1) Jug
  • (2) Empty jug pack
  • (3) Shears
  • (4) Bucket
  • (5) Empty bucket pack
  • (6) Bowl
  • (7) Cake tin
  • (8) Tinderbox
  • (9) Chisel
  • (10) Hammer

Supported locations:

  • Edgeville
  • Falador
  • Kharid
  • Lumbridge
  • Rimmington
  • Varrock

Example CLI:

Parameters: CITY (text) - ITEMS (numbers separated by semicolons) - HOPWORLDS (true or false) - STOCKLIMIT (number) - FASTBUY (true or false) - PACKOPENING (true or false). 

  java -jar "OSBot.jar" -login login:pass -world 301 -bot username:pass:bankpin -script 1157:Edgeville-8;10;9-true-0-true-false

Example GUI:



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Posted (edited)

I just released version 1.1 of the script, now we support the purchase of multiple items at the same time!

And if you are buying only cost 1 items, the bot now withdraws only 28 coins from the bank.

A video showing me doing 67k/h with a f2p account without requirements: 


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