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Player in-game said "Botter!"

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I have been confronted in-game various amounts from players saying things along the lines of

- "Botter", "Trash account, botting nerd", "Reported"

Recently one of these reports worked, and my account was banned.

What did I do?

I have an open ticket conversation via email with Jagex support and I mentioned the players in-game name from whom reported me, I was 99% sure this was the player whose report got my account banned, permanently.

I explained to Jagex how being made redundant recently and having extra time on my hands to play the game and this how I'm repaid for putting in extreme amounts of effort.

I also explained how players can get jealous in-game and that is what I went with when mentioning the person who reported me.

I explained, or... I told them what I will be doing soon (my in-game goals, hours I play per day) to protect myself from future claims.

Two days later

Jagex replied to my email telling me how they've made a mistake, usually their detection system works well and further explained how they've rarely made any errors, they in-fact cleared my account of the 2 day ban which was applied along with the permanent ban (for the same report)



I have got my account back to play on with no concern of future bans.

I have just noticed a player in-game today tell me how he knows I'm botting and how he's reported me, so I've just resent Jagex another email detailing the situation explaining how I'm in a no win situation.

I can either reply to the guy so he doesn't report me, or continue playing by "hand" and ignore him, but either way this will make Jagex suspicious. I've asked for them to give me further information regarding how to go about this. As I have requested if playing with Public OFF will be a good decision, and what happens when I ignore in-game players after they abuse me and false report me.


Why did I post this?

To give some users of this site insight of various situations and outcomes.

You can create a ticket to communicate with Jagex various ways.

To be visualant with in-game players and possibly write down names of players who concern you so you have some sort of protection. Jagex only receive 60 seconds of a clip when you're reported. They don't get any further back dialogue unless they fish for it, you can say this player was purposely annoying you, he's an old friend whos turnt horrible, etc.


I hope this helps at least one person, it would be great to hear if you have any similar stories or unique outcomes.


Thanks so much for taking time to read my post, and I wish you all the best and send you all continuous blessings ❤️




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6 hours ago, Ricky Dactyl said:

"Jagex only receive 60 seconds of a clip when you're reported" Is this what the company themselves have stated or is this just something that people assume?

This is something that Jagex have stated.

You can see this for yourself if you click "Report" In-game and read the bracketed information. 

6 hours ago, uncledude00 said:

i swear i read this before somewhere

Maybe I am not the only person who's had conversations with Jagex.

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